Grief and Bereavement Counselling

Are you faced with the unbearable pain such loss brings?
Do you wonder ‘how long will these feeling last?  Or even if you ever
find relief and be happy again?

Losing a loved one or something special can be the most overwhelming and devastating experience that you can endure in your life. It can be an emotional turmoil for you and one of the hardest Journey to face alone without your loved one.  The grief that follows the loss is not an illness but a normal journey, even though this is painful. Managing alone can be hard and you may need support from family and friends.

I’m Lurlene Angela DeCosta, a licensed counsellor providing grief and bereavement therapy serving Croydon and the surrounding area. I will give you the opportunity to talk about your journey in a safe and confidential space, and will help you to move on despite the enormity of your pain. Over time, your grief will soften.


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Grieving is a necessary emotional release. Releasing your feelings can relieve the pressure you are under. The natural expression of emotions, if coupled with understanding and accurate information, lets you put your feelings in proper perspective.

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It can be a very distressing time for a young child to face the reality of death. Children thrive under the care of their family, yet death can snatch a loved one with whom a child has formed a close bond. Just like adult children needs time and good support to process their loss.

What is stronger than the human heart,
which shatters over and over and still lives.

-rupi kaur